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Since the Middle Ages Nuremberg has been one of the centres of tapestry making. From 1941 to 2004, the Nuremberg Tapestry Manufactory linked the tradition of Franconian tapestry art, which has never completely disappeared, with the requirements of modern tapestries, which means with pure forms sometimes pushed towards the symbolic and the abstract. The tapestries created by Fritz Griebel belong to this tradition. He produced 30 blueprints for tapestries. The results can still be admired in public places such as the regional Court of Justice in Nuremberg or the town’s hall of Heroldberg. His tapestries impress the viewer with their intense colours as well as their shades of pastel.

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Christmas gobelin

Year: 1960er-Jahre
Design: Fritz Griebel
Made by: Nürnberger Gobelinmanufaktur GmbH
Ownership: Kirche St. Leonhard-Schweinau, Nürnberg

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Work samples

Still life
1969, 184 x 140 cm
Private collection.
Coat of arms
1964, 180 x 290 cm
Oberlandesgericht Nürnberg.
The world of people and animals
1957, 536 x 500 cm
Bürgerhaus Heroldsberg.