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Museums and exhibitions 

The “Germanisches Nationalmuseum
As a national museum und museum for the German-speaking area of Europe, the “Germanisches Nationalmuseum” collects and preserves exhibits documenting culture, art and history from early times to the present. The museum owns some works by Fritz Griebel.

The Fränkische Schweiz-Museum
The Museum Fränkische Schweiz in Tüchersfeld with its extensive regional collections is one of the most interesting museums in Franconia. The museum possesses two watercolours by Fritz Griebel.

Cultural organisations

The Friends of the Old Town of Nuremberg (Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg e.V.)
A citizens’group concerned with the preservation of historic buildings and the cultural traditions of the Old Town part of Nuremberg. As part of a series of exhibitions called "Art in the barn" and organised by the society, there will be an exhibition dedicated to Fritz Griebel in the summer of 2008.

The Heroldsberg Friends of Culture (Kulturfreunde Heroldsberg e.V.)
The cultural society of the town of Heroldsberg, where Fritz Griebel lived for many years.

The Kunstverein Nürnberg / The Albrecht Dürer Society

Friends and students of Fritz Griebel

Gustav Seitz Foundation
The Gustav Seitz Foundation preserves and administers some of the artistic works that the sculptor Gustav Seitz left when he died. Gustav Seitz was a friend of Fritz Griebel’s.

Fritz Griebel was a student in Hans Meid’s masterclass.

Sep Ruf
Colleague and friend of Fritz Griebel’s.


Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
Fritz Griebel was its director from 1948 until 1957 and was a professor at the academy from 1946 to 1966.

The Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin
The Royal Porcelain Manufactory (KPM) is known for its exceptional chinaware and designs, which had a formative influence on style. The famous Prussian King Frederick the Great gave the manufactory its name and his royal seal of approval in 1763, and since that time the manufactory has cultivated and developed its craftsmanship over generations at its historic location. Fritz Griebel created patterns for plates and urns produced at KPM.

Birthplace of Fritz Griebel.

Könisgsberg in Bavaria

Unfinden is part of the municipal district of Königsberg.

The art gallery Jacobsa in Nuremberg
Sells and buys works by Fritz Griebel.