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Forest at Heroldsberg

Year: 1928
Material: colored ink drawing
Dimensions: 50 x 42 cm

Fritz Griebel was much in the natural way. In many sketches he held particularly interesting impressions and circumstances for him. From one of these discoveries which tells here be presented, plant of the month.

The colored ink drawing shows a forest in the forest kingdom of Sebald. It is located north of the river Pegnitz part of the Nuernberg Reich Forest. The original was mixed forest over time by overuse and subsequent reforestation to a pine forest, which earned him the name Steckerlaswald.

In the foreground of the drawing we see a fallen tree. Threatening spikes sticking up the broken strain. The rest of the stem is tilted to the side. As a gash we look on the bright fracture. The bare branches hang down like dead limb part. Also, the forest floor is disturbed and shall roots free.

The dramatic scene is framed by high, barren pine logs. They form the transition to the forest in the background. Green and brown tones dominate the picture.

It provides peace and tranquility, which generally seeks the walker in the woods. Griebel held the condition that exists after a storm. Witness the power of nature is neatly sawed off tree trunk left in the picture, which was previously coated with other tribes.

The artist, who was barely 30 years old when he strolled through the forest, the decomposition of the form may have irritated. But perhaps it also encouraged the fallen tree, think about the offense of life. Because usually there are old trees that are delivered in a storm: the wood is rotten, the resistance is broken. The fallen tree was a symbol of transience. For everything on earth has its time.


Antje Buchwald 2013