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Mountain in the snow

Year: 1961
Material: watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 34 x 54 cm

Many (study) trips led Fritz Griebel to Italy. During these visits numerous watercolors, which are very frequently arisen in the summer months emerged. The motif of a winter landscape is rather rare.

The picture shows the Plateau Rosa in Breuil-Cervinia, an exclusive ski resort near Zermatt. Griebel Auto Running no winter sports. He focused on the landscape and sights.

With dashes, dots, and a few colors he held his almost abstracted Winterimpression. The ridge in the foreground forms of short, thin brown lines. Chance of small dots and speckles are larger spread on the white painting surface. A cut from the right edge of the picture frame in light brown lines occupies the entire image height.

The in-background mountains are painted with thick dark and light blue brushstrokes, which Griebel gives a certain impression of depth. He understands it very well, by parallel thick, vertical forms as well as curved lines, to which many more Farbkompatimente depend to represent the rocks of the mountains. The snow as remaining free space is skillfully distributed on the scene. It almost seems as if the White receiving the colors of its surroundings.

For the mountains Griebel chose the Lasiertechnik: On the dry painting surface, he painted with water diluted colors. After drying, he painted more color layers above. So he produced darker and lighter areas at the blues and browns.

The blue-gray sky with yellow and pink effects the artist painted in the wet-on-wet, ie he painted in wet painting surface, so that the colors run.

Aquarellieren is a painting technique that allows rapid and immediate implementation of an artistic impression. It features an anti-academic and liberal attitude. So first discovered the open-air painting impressionist watercolor painting for themselves, they were interested in fleeting impressions of atmosphere. In England a special fondness for the watercolor painting that led to the founding of the "Society of Painters in Watercolour" in 1804 evolved in the 18th century. William Turner (1775-1851) was instrumental to the independence of watercolor as a separate genus in.

In the post-1945 art in which, inter alia, color, shape and spontaneity were further explored by the artists, the watercolor seemed predestined for such. Griebel explores in his watercolor nature-form and the art form further. It features a tension between free, white surface and painted, colored surface. It is like a meditation, an immersion in nature.

Antje Buchwald 2016



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