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The artistic work of Fritz Griebel

When looking at the work of Fritz Griebel one is surprised by his artistic versatility, which covers figuration as well as abstraction. It not only mirrors the artist’s personal development but also reveals his reflection on the artistic problems of his time.

The constitutive element of this heterogeneous work is his awareness of form and harmony, which Griebel borrows from the world of antiquity. The human being in a peaceful environment is at the centre of his art. Many groups of works such as his series with human figures realised in the 30s, reflecting on the theme of the "baigneuses" by Cézanne, or Griebel’s compositions inspired by antiquity are examples of this preoccupation.

His artistic expression is manifold, and the techniques Griebel made use of are also highly diversified. As an adolescent he was interested in the art of the silhouette, which had become popular again at that time. Around 1945 he reanimated this medium’s themes and technique by combining it with other graphic techniques.

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