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Trees in Cervo

Year: 1963
Material: watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 45 x 60 cm

Nature is one of the great themes in art Fritz Griebel. It is the scene of varied phenomena. Griebel, it shall record in the harmonious sound is with the people, as in his series "The Bathers", or it shows the pure natural extract.

Early on the artist, this irritates the display of trees that show early in his pen drawings dealing with the work of Durer and Van Gogh. Especially in the watercolor painting emerge in the work Griebel tree studies. This technique enabled the artist, his perceptions directly and rapidly into the paper.

The lying here in Cervo, on the eastern slope of the Gulf of Diano Marina in Liguria Imperia Province, resulting image shows several thin trees in densely packed sequence that appear on the right side to blend into a thick tree trunk. Behind the painted trees with little foliage Griebel, extends a wall and behind it - as indicated with a few brush strokes - a stone house.

With quick brushstrokes Griebel to set the color space and each other, and his color palette was limited to Green, blue, gray, brown and black. The image is animated by the contrast of vertical and horizontal wall logs.

Fritz Griebel it went in his watercolor is not an accurate study of nature, but about the show despite the weather the trees in their invulnerability. Perhaps he saw them as symbols of life. For the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840), the tree could sometimes symbolize the death and resurrection.

For the historian Alexander Demandt was certain: ". No other creature is the fate of humanity is so varied, so closely linked as the tree" in his book "About all the tops - the tree in the cultural history," he does it with the fire that the lightning struck the trees and with the tools for the wood at all times was essential to start.