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In this category, former student of Fritz Griebel speak out. Griebel should be teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg influenced many talented artists who pursue an artistic career later. In the contemporary documents one thing clear, Fritz Griebel was a very dedicated and popular professor.

In 1932 he was awarded the prestigious prize Albrecht Dürer of Nürnberg. The Second World War interrupted his promising career: From 1940 issue, he was no longer allowed. After the war, Griebel received in 1946 a reputation as a professor of painting and graphic art at the Academy, the - was evacuated after Ellingen - due to the destruction of Nuremberg during the war. Two years later he was appointed as director. His strategy paper, which is stored under any documents relating to the Nuremberg Academy of the Bavarian Central State Archive Munich, gives an insight into the mind of Griebel and an outlook for the future and a vision for education and teaching at this oldest art school in Germany.

As director and responsible for the future of the academy, it was his duty and answer the same time to ensure that the Academy was able to return to Nuremberg. The reconstruction of space and academically, he could only achieve with great dedication and years of convincing to many initial resistance. For a College based in Munich should be sufficient salient. With his colleague and friend, the architect Sep Ruf (1908-1982) a spacious new building was constructed, which today houses the academy.

Interesting are the reminiscences of former students about the teaching in the 1950s and 1960s, which obtain a piece of history and of the hardships and disastrous conditions of the academy after the war. Also, Griebel view of the world, to his understanding of art shows in addition to the academic system development through to its abstract painting always drove forward.

The prelude Berthold von Crailsheim, Fritz Griebel in the years from 1963 to 1965 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg free graphics and studied painting at.

Edwin Michel remembers his studies with Prof. Fritz Griebel.

"He was very open-minded." Rolf Fütterer about his studies with Prof. Fritz Griebel.


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