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From his childhood Fritz Griebel was interested in the art of the silhouette. The silhouettes he made in the 1920s and 1930s are still inspired by classical models. During his artistic career, pure, non-figurative forms emerged. Griebel not only redefined the themes of silhouette art but also invented new techniques around 1945 by printing the paper for the cut-outs using a manual lithographic technique. In this way he obtained a very delicately structured grey which is close to black. A few years later he added coloured spots to the picture support. Since the mid-90s, more and more artists have been rediscovering silhouettes, which for a long time had been considered a popular art form.

Additional information on the history of silhouettes...

"Fritz Griebel and the qeust for harmony and form in the silhouette medium" by Antje Buchwald. First published in Art & Graphic magazine, n° 23. (PDF Download)

Work samples

Composition in Red
around 1965, 40,5 x 28 cm.
Composition in Yellow and Brown
around 1965, 40,5 x 29 cm.
1960er Jahre, 52 x 40 cm.
People and animals
1960s, 51 x 38 cm.
1960s, 53 x 38 cm.